In a similar instance a long time later on, your head damage might have transformed aman entering your serial killer. During the excellent ocean voyage in order to America at 1945, RaymondFernandez, 30, experienced your life-changing occasion. Due to the fact son climbed aflight concerning measures on ship's foremost deck, your hatch cover slammed onto the top ofhis go. Fernandez suffered a serious concussion and stayed at your coma concerning aweek. As he awoke, it was clear which he had encountered your personalitytransformation. on the other hand before he had been courteous, perfectly mannered and displayed aneven disposition, this person shortly became argumentative, fast in order to anger and harder tocontrol. Within the upcoming few years, Fernandez might have murdered 17 females alongside thehelp concerning his girlfriend, Martha Beck. They were ultimately executed in Sing Singpr


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